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In our modern era, education is crucial to a
person’s survival. It’s tough for someone who hasn’t gone to college to make
ends meet occasionally. A person who has gained information should be conscious
that he has a responsibility to share that knowledge with others, especially
the poor who lack access to education. They have to go to distant locations to
access higher education because there are no schools in their local
communities. They simply do not have the means to do so currently. Providing
these low-income individuals with an opportunity to further their education is
a noble cause. Located in the northern mountains of Pakistan, the Basha and
Baldu valley Shigar Baltistan is home to a population that is significantly
lower than the national poverty line. Avalanches have closed highways, and
those that are open are extremely small and risky. Due to the steep landscape,
there are few opportunities for employment, and poverty levels are high. And
the Pakistani government isn’t paying any special attention to it. There is no
public school for the kids to attend, and the parents don’t make enough money
to send their kids anywhere else for schooling, either. There is a lack of
21st-century infrastructure like schools and hospitals in these communities.
There is no comparison between a basic school and a university. With these
challenges in mind, we at the Al-Bayan Foundation have organized a meeting.

A believer helped run the group. One junior
high, three elementary schools, and nineteen childcare and preschool facilities
were under its care. And the warning sirens are sounding for the company’s
future. If this group disbands, these kids will be left in the cold of
ignorance. As a result, we implore all your generous people to work as closely
as possible with this group to ensure that no knowledge is lost.

The focus on health in this sector is clear.
No hospitals or clinics can be found. The hilly landscape makes even minor
accidents common, and there is no dispensary to treat those who fall ill.
Someone slips down a mountain and injures themselves, and he gets hurt when he
runs into a rock. There isn’t anywhere to put his bandage, though.

There have been fires in the neighborhood over
the previous five years, claiming hundreds of lives, but we lack a fire truck
and shelter for the homeless. Neither do we have enough food to sustain them.

We’re giving it our all to find answers here.
Please help Al-Bayan Foundation in whatever way you can by donating to their
cause. With your aid, these underprivileged individuals will have less to worry
about, and God willing, they’ll be able to improve their lot in life. There are
a variety of approaches to work with the group.

The first is regular giving.

Second, through contributing to the Zakat

Third, through participating in Ramadan’s

By making a regular Sadqa donation

The fifth is to pay Khums (to gain
authorization from a high authority).

Create learning opportunities for your family
and friends by establishing schools and madrasas.


Account Title: Al Bayan Foundation Baltistan

Bank Name: JS Bank Ltd.

Branch: Name: Skardu: Branch

Branch: Code:  9219

Account Number: 0002205229

International Bank Account Number: PK67 JSBL 9219 0000 0220 5229


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