He who depends upon Allah’s good option for him will not wish to be in a situation other than that which Allah opts for him. Imam Hassan ibn Ali {as}

  • Every year AL BAYAN arranges the sacrifice of healthy and halal animals on behalf of the Donors and distributes the MEAT to needy families
  • We are aiming to feed the needed family and orphans during this upcoming Qurbani Eid.
  • We will also need your support to purchase Halal Goat or ram to feed the poor during the forthcoming Eid Qurbani.
  • This appeal is eligible to accept khums, Zakat, Fidya and Kaffara donations. We have been doing this program AL BAYAN and in other region, like Pakistan northern area Baltistan k2 valley, less privileged Mumineen living in the state.
  • You can send your donations bank account, online, word remit etc.
  • May Allah bless you abundantly for efforts




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